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Dafina Books Author Briana Cole Recalls Her Tiny Trims…

Briana Cole (pictured) is the author of the Unconditional Series from Dafina Books, including The Wives We Play and the forthcoming second installment, The Vows We Break. Here the Atlanta native, and proud mother of two, recalls the time she couldn’t work up the courage for the “Big Chop”—so instead opted for tiny trims:

“My best ‘hair memory’ is when I cut my hair for the very first time. I remember I wanted something drastic since I was going to college but I was too scared to take off so many inches in just one ‘Big Chop.’ So what did I do? I worked my way up. I first got my hair cut into this pretty bob, then the next couple weeks I went back and got an asymmetrical cut. I wore that for a bit, then went back and got a shorter bob with some bangs, then a pixie. Finally I got it cut to about an inch of hair and tapered in the back, put some curl activator in it and just rocked my ‘get up and go look.’” Read more from our conversation with Brianna in her “The Write Style” feature—showcased in the April/May 2019 issue of SBH…on sale now!

Photo: Ira Carmichael Photography/courtesy Dafina Books.

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