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D’Andre Michael
Beauty expert D’Andre Michael is a pro at making his clients look and feel their very best! No wonder celebs like Mary J. Blige, Angela Basset and Gabrielle Union have all been made-up by him! Take a peek into his kit with these must-try products..

>>BEAUTYBLENDER POWER POCKET PUFF “I’ve always used a puff on my finger while doing makeup to serve as cushion and barrier between my hand and my client’s face. But this design is multifaceted so I use it as a barrier, touch-ups and blotting.”

>>U.G.L.Y. GIRL COSMETICS LIP GLOSS “I love the colors, its long-lasting, the formula has anti-aging properties and it doesn’t crust in the corners of your lips. My clients swear by it and have every color.”

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