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HEY 2019!

Resolve To…

Make 2019 your best style year—ever! If you make New Year’s Resolutions we’ve got a few you can add (don’t worry, they’re crafted to make your style life easier). If you don’t make resolutions, then consider doing one or two from our list as your mood dictates:

  1. Resolve to to make your salon appointments in advance. Simply book your next appointment after receiving your service. Easy-peasey.
  2. Resolve to think outside the style box. Don’t shoot down a new mane move just because you “know” it won’t look good on you. Experiment with a wig. No commitments, no problem.
  3. Resolve to open a style dialog with your stylist. Let’s face it: We all fall into a routine—and that includes your cut/color/styling relationship with your fave hair pro. Have a coif convo and brainstorm new ways to take your look to a new level. It doesn’t have to be drastic, baby steps will do (like shifting your part or cutting in layers).
  4. Resolve to make use of hair accessories. Simple is chicest this season. Consider playing with metallic bobby pins, a slim headband or a pretty ribbon.
  5. Resolve to condition, condition, condition! Whether done at home or at the salon, your hair will be grateful for the moisture boost. Promise.

Photo: Hair by Javier Jaimes/Javier Jaimes Salon, Littleton, CO—Finalist for the North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA) “Newcomer of the Year” category; Makeup by Tiaja Pierce; Wardrobe Styling by Vinny Jimenez & Saul Jiminez; Photo by Melanie Watson.

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