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Black Hairstyles

Luster, Luxury & Length!
We’re celebrating the trendsetters and the fashionistas that love a little extra length in their coifs. Longer locks give you a glamorous, sexy and enticing vibe! Check out these lengthy looks and get inspired to let it all hang down…

Cascading Curls
Brunette hair tumbles in bouncy curls.
Get the look: Natural hair is given a silk press for a smooth finish. Large body curls are then styled using a steam flat iron. Stylist Stephanie Hill, from Poised Beauty & Beat Studio in Columbia, SC, pinned curls to cool so they’d last all night.

Rapunzel Pony
Long live this lengthy ponytail!
Get the look: Tresses are slicked into a tight, high ponytail. Tresses tumble way past the shoulders in defined, blended waves. Pro Jonaya Johnson, of Texturz Hair Studio in Duluth, GA, created this stylish look.

Smooth Moves
Silky and sleek locks fall past the shoulders.
Get the look: For this silky smooth hairstyle Natural hair was first shampooed and conditioned before being blow-dried straight. Then, a silk wrap technique is used to ensure a sleek finish. Hairdresser Earlisia Torrence, from Elegant Tresses in Winston-Salem, NC, used a small comb to blend everything perfectly.

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