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DEEP, DARK AND DRAMATIC…Crafted with Satin Ultra Vivid Fashion Colors in 1N-Black, you can get this look at home! The formula’s exclusive color system features a unique Aloe Vera Base that helps with conditioning tresses.

Do You Know The Different Sections Of Hair For Coloring?

The hair color pros at Satin Ultra Vivid Fashion Colors tell us that, when it comes to coif color, there are three sections of the hair we need to focus on—because they all take differently to products:

  • The roots are the newest part of the hair and take more time to absorb products. When coloring roots, give this section at least 20 minutes longer to process before combing the color through to the rest of the hair.
  • The mid-length section is a little more porous as it has had more exposure. It will absorb the color easier.
  • The ends are the most porous section. They grab color easily and do not take as much time as the rest of the hair. When combing the color through, start at roots, comb to mid-length and lastly comb to ends.

For more tips on cool ways to wear your coif color this season, check out the “Color Chic” story in the April/May ’19 issue of SBH…on sale now!

Photo courtesy Satin Color.




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