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October/ November 2019

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Celebrity Stylist

Celebrity Hairstylist Johnny Wright
Professional hairdresser Johnny Wright has an impressive clientele list, including former First Lady Michelle Obama, and talk show host Tamron Hall. Check out what the top beauty and lifestyle pro had to say about styling Tamron.

STYLE UPDATE “I’ve evolved her short hair cut over time. We’ve gone through different lengths of the pixie, different ways that we style it. I’m happy to showcase that on her daytime talk show, I’m really excited about that.”

THE LOOK “I use a small flat iron when I’m putting shape into Tamron’s hair. I could either bend it tighter for curls or make it a little looser so it can be a little spiky and effortless.”

DIVA DETAILS “Tamron is Natural and I mold her hair or blow it out. I use styling foam and a gel to mold her hair down.”

GET THE LOOK: “I always tell people that pictures are excellent [to bring to the salon] because I simulate. Never duplicate.”

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