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Justine Skye

Singer/songwriter Justine Skye is known for her killer music and mane moves. Her fab fans dubbed this talented beauty the “Purple Unicorn” thanks to her ULTRAVIOLET hair hue. Now, with new music comes a new haircolor. The “Build” songstress chatted with us about her new ‘do and new projects.

We had to ask Justine about shedding her signature purple hair hue. “I never thought I would change from my purple hair. But I went through such a drastic situation [in my personal life] that I felt like it was time to just shed the past and start new. So, I decided to dye my hair jet-black, which has been kind of therapeutic for me. It was a change and it really has become a lot easier, to be honest.”

One why she chose a natural shade instead of another fashion color the celeb admitted, “Honestly, I feel like its was becoming over saturated: the colorful hair trend. I’ve been doing it since I was 16, I’m not saying I was the first one to do it by any means, but right now it’s such a huge trend and I’ve been doing it for so long, I wanted to completely change it up.”

“Plus, dying it black is also helping with the health of my hair,” details the star about a benefit of her new hair hue. “I’ve been trying to do more protective styles and take care of it because, from bleaching it and dying it purple all the time, it really damaged it.”

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