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Star Style

Megan Good

Actress Meagan Good is known for changing her mane throughout her career. From long, luxurious length to trendsetting locs, she’s rocked it all. Now the talent is strutting in a chic, cropped coif that’s giving us haute ‘90s vibes. Here, we spoke with Megan about her movie The Intruder and her stunning styling moves.

Terrific Tresses
Meagan Good rocks an adorable cropped coif for her big-screen project, The Intruder. “This was all my hair and I was really inspired by [actress] Demi Moore in Ghost. And then I tried to work out how I could make it fit my face and my features. So, it was me and my personal stylist, Maisha Oliver, just playing around.” When asked to describe the cut the star explained, “I would say it’s a little bit like a boy haircut, which I love. I wouldn’t say it’s a ‘bowl cut,’ because it wasn’t quit that.”

This stunning icon has a simple hair rule she lives by: “Don’t touch my hair! (laughs) I would say, not putting too much product because, for me, hair stays healthier and moves the way I want it to move when it’s tousled and not too perfect.”

“In my 20s I definitely changed the color a bit, and I switched between bangs. And then when I was 28, I finally worked up the nerve cut it off.”

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