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October/ November 2019

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Natural Hair

The combination of caramel and dark chocolate hues is a really appealing duo for this braided style. Stylist Tenesha Gadson, of Alter Ego Salon in Columbia, SC, breaks down how she styled this cute coif.

Step 1:
Before styling, Natural hair is shampooed and treated with a moisture-rich leave-in conditioner. Tresses are blow dried straight before being parted off to prepare for braiding.
Step 2:
A shine-based styling gel is used, applied a bit at a time, as small sections are parted. Excess hair is clipped away and synthetic braiding extensions are woven in as the plait is created. This technique continues until the entire head is braided.
Step 3:
Flyways are trimmed with scissors and styling foam is applied to smooth over the entire coif to “seal” the look. The loose ends are carefully dipped into hot water to seal the ends.
Step 4:
A shine-based holding spray is misted all over and hair accessories are added for the finishing touch.

The Finish:
Wrap this braided babe look at nigh to maintain its beauty and strut your stuff in style!

Music star and The Talk host Eve never makes a bad mane move. Here, the actress/rap artist stuns with her locks plaited into small braids that are pulled into a fierce half-up, half-down ‘do in her signature golden haircolor.


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