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Natural Hair

If you’re looking for a new way to give your curls added shine and shimmer look no further! Mane pro Charlotte Mensah, of Hair Lounge in London, UK, created this stunning spiral spotlight look you’ll want to try…

Step 1:
Hair was first cleansed using Charlotte Mensah Manketti Oil Shampoo to add moisture and more manageability to the mane. An oil conditioner is then applied and set using a steamer for about 20-minuted to enrich locks with as much moisture as possible.
Step 2:
After the steamer, the conditioner is rinsed out and the hair is gently towel dried. A drop of oil is worked throughout lengths before the entire mane is blow-dried with a paddle brush to straighten tresses in preparation for a trim.
Step 3:
Using equal parts water and conditioner, hair is misted and a diffuser is used to dry tresses with spirals “scrunched” to craft fluffy curls.

The Finish:
The finished look is a plush and amazing look featuring a voluminous silhouette that’s utterly beautiful.

All American star Samantha Logan is a stunning example of the beauty of Natural hair. Here, the actress’ gorgeous spirals are definitely giving up mane envy. This is what the beauty had to say about the status in Hollywood for women—in all areas of entertainment:
“ I’m so excited to see so many women now in producing, directing, writing, leading roles and so on. This is how the playing field will be leveled. I’m lucky to benefit from the women who came before me and who continue to fight for equality. Now, it’s time for some more diversity too.”

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