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Natural Hair

Hair professional Gary Gill created this runway-worthy mane for Aveda’s 3.1 Phillip Lim FW ’19 runway show during New York Fashion Week. Steal this style with these easy-to-follow steps.

Step 1:
Damp, Natural hair is parted into two sections on either side of the head. Then, two pumps of Aveda Phomollient styling foam and a few sprays of Aveda Texture Tonic are applied.
Step 2:
Still working with damp hair, each section is braided and secured at the ends, making sure to keep the roots flat for a smooth finish later. Locks are left to fully dry.
Step 3:
To make sure hair is dry, braids are blow-dried with a diffuser attachment and then each braid is gently “pressed” with a flat iron.
Step 4:
Braids are released and a diffuser is used again on a blow dryer to make sure hair is fully cool and set. A boar-bristle brush is used to make a sleek crown on either side of a deep middle part.

The Finish:
The final look is chic, feminine and a must-try!

Miss Teen USA 2019 winner Kaliegh Garris impressed millions when her crown was placed on top of her stunning Natural curls. Check out what she had to say about this amazing moment…

“And so now that I have curly hair…I’ll compete with it Natural because that’s who I am and that is the way I like my hair.”


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