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Los Angeles-based stylist Ashley Noel has an impressive line-up of celebrity clients. This Natural hair specialist has worked with Marsai Martin, Issa Rae, Lyric Ross, Simone Missick and Angela Lewis. Noel is known for her exceptional skills creating updos, Natural styles, custom wigs, braids and so much more. Her creativity and attention to detail has placed this hairdresser is in a league of her own.

I want to try wearing wigs but am afraid I’ll just look awful. What are some tricks for applying a wig so it doesn’t look so “wiggy”? —Clara

When you purchase the wig, the density of the hair on the wig is important. The higher the density the more it looks “wiggy.” Density is the amount of hair strands per square inch. Go out and try wigs on and see which style best fits you. Go out of your comfort zone and try on wigs that you may not ordinarily wear. Have fun!

Will cutting my Natural hair completely change my curl pattern or texture?—Talia

If you haven’t received a cut in a while, you will notice the ends of your hair are a different texture than your roots. This is because your hair strands have split and are weak and don’t take much shape anymore. This technically doesn’t change the texture once you cut them, you’ll just see more definition in your curl after the ends have been trimmed.

I love ponytails but have noticed some breakage on my edges. How can I prevent and heal the damage? —Rose

First, find other styles that are easy yet don’t require you to excessively brush your edges to be pulled too tightly. Pulling your tresses back into tight ponytails frequently will cause major thinning around your edges over time. Once the tugging and brushing is slowed down, try using pure oils such as black Jamaican castor oil, black seed oil, etc. Put the oil on the pads of your fingertips and massage your edges to encourage blood flow to the area, which helps to stimulate growth.

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