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October/ November 2019

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With over two decades of experience, celebrity hairstylist Derick Monroe (above) has created trendsetting coifs for top stars showcased in top projects.. The former salon owner has worked on television shows (including Project Runway and The Wendy Williams Show) as well as on films (like Tyler Perry’s Nobody’s Fool). As if this talented mane master’s resume isn’t impressive enough, he’s coiffed stunning stars including Iman, Tyra Banks, Samira Wiley and Sanaa Lathan—just to name a few.

I’ve never colored my Natural hair I but want to try something new. What should I be considering before heading to the salon for a color service?—Rumi

Things to consider are the amount of hair you have and the length of your hair. If you have super thick Natural hair, the color is going to absorb into your hair and the process can become very costly. Color, especially on Natural hair, can be very dry. So, make sure to budget and set aside some time to go to the salon for your conditioning treatments to make certain your hair doesn’t become brittle and break.

I want to go blonde but my hair was relaxed about six months ago. Can I still go blonde? What should I do before and after the color if I do go blonde?—Celeste

It all also depends on the shade level of blonde, the length of your hair, definitely the condition of your hair and the colorist you go to. From my professional standpoint I would say that’s a lot of processing being done to your hair, especially to an already fragile hair texture. If your colorist thinks she can do it without damaging your hair, I suggest prepping the hair with a protein treatment to help strengthen it before any color application.

My scalp is very itchy throughout the day. What can I do to eliminate the itch—Brielle

Is there something you are using on your hair and scalp that could be giving you an allergic reaction (maybe a shine spray or a hair oil)? Has this been an ongoing situation or has it recently started as a result of new products you may be using? You can even use tea tree oil on your problem areas. I would also try a hot oil treatment since the itching might be the result of a dry scalp condition.

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