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Yes, it’s a weave! Score the insider style details now.

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Weave Couture

San Francisco, CA

Transform a classic bob with this contemporary style by Brittany “B.A.D.” Donaldson of Ma’at XXIII in San Francisco, CA.

1-14-hsg-1 1-14-hsg-2 1-14-hsg-4

This chic silhouette features pops of color that take this mane from cool and classic to modern and marvelous. A partial weave with subtle colors of platinum and burgundy is sewn into the fringe and snipped with thinning shears for a more natural effect. Then, hair is bumped in a “C” shape with a flat iron and spritzed with shine spray for a lovely glow. Keep this gorgeous layered mane light and feathery by using minimal product to style.



Hadiiya Barbel

Weave maven Hadiiya Barbel has styled a host of fashionable celebrities from rapper Eve to actress Tia Mowry.


Stylist to the stars Hadiiya Barbel shares her tips for maintaining your weave…

HUMAN HAIR UPKEEP: “There are specific products on the market designed to clean human hair wigs, but you may also use a detangling shampoo and conditioner.”

SYNTHETIC STYLING: “Do not put synthetic hair underneath the dryer and don’t use any heat styling tools on it. Always put your synthetic wig on a mannequin head when it’s drying or when you’re sleeping so it maintains its [pre-styled] shape.”

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  1. andera simmons says:

    How long can you keep a weave in without your hair fallin out ?

  2. Catresha says:

    Hey SBH :0) back to Neesha Moore’s question,on what would be the best hair glue for my hair?? I think this area is especially crucial for the itchy scalp group out here. Would like to know which glue/glues are out there on market today.??

  3. Catresha says:

    Hi sorry for the misspelling ,writing a bit too fast .

  4. Catresha says:

    Wow ! I always wanted ti know who was styling Judge Karen hair ?!! Hair is always on point ! # Luv it ! :0)

  5. Renee' Gaddis says:

    I recently installed 28”,26”,24”,and 12” brazilian hair extensions. I should have did 28 inches all around…the ends are kind of thin and I dont like that. Also I want to get my extensions colored and Im not sure what the current color trends are that will be perfect for spring. Is ombre still in style,dark to light ombre or should I just highlight it. Also Im not sure what color I should do Im greatly resemble Jennifer Hudson. Can you please give me some tips about what to do about my thin ends? and also what color and color technique I should color my hair for spring? Thank you

  6. SBH says:

    Hey there Rennell! We spoke to weave pros for tips on how to maintain your extensions. First, try using a clarifying shampoo and moisturizing conditioner to cleanse the weave. Make sure to rinse out all of the product, especially the conditioner so hair is not weighed down. When brushing, try not to put too much tension on the hair. Since it’s attached, brushing too hard could result in a popped string or a pulled out track. It’s recommended you use a vent brush (the brush with the balls on the bristles) to style your strands.

    When it comes to finding quality human hair extensions, check out our magazine! We have all kinds of weave and wig advertisers—take your pick!

  7. Chiquita Whitley says:

    What weave would be so easy to maintain for my first time getting a sew in? I am going to do a short style so I don’t want something that is way to expensive. My lay question is how do I take care of the hair?

  8. nesha Moore says:

    Hey hi how can i get the best hair glue for my hair

  9. Rosebeauty 101 says:

    Oh forgot to answer your first question..Depending on the quality of the hair you have you can add a little oil to the end and a deep conditioner or you may have to cut the ends..I like to braid my extensions in about 5 big braids at night

YOUR SPACE: Weave Couture

Tell Us: Got a weave question you'd like answered? Put it all down here!

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