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Chatting With Miss Black USA 2016 Tonille Watkis

Miss Black USA 2016 Tonille Watkis shows SBH some love!

Miss Black USA 2016 Tonille Watkis shows SBH some love!

As Miss Black USA 2016, we knew gorgeous Tonille Watkis had some great hair tips. After all, if you’re wearing a crown, the hair beneath it should be flawless. So when the opportunity to chat with Tonille came up on the set of her advertisement photo shoot, in conjunction with the ORS Olive Oil brand of coif care products, we asked the dancer and budding actress to share just some of her mane advice—and she was gracious enough to do so…

How did you get involved with ORS?
They are sponsors of the Miss. Black USA pageant and they actually provided a scholarship for me to pursue higher education—so that’s how it began. Ever since then, we’ve continued a relationship and now here I am!

Do you have a favorite hair care product from ORS?
Their crème moisturizer—I really love that—but also their Olive Oil Edge Control; it tames my edges, my flyaways. I love those products. Those are my staples; I use them absolutely everyday.

Tonille gets camera-ready!

Tonille gets camera-ready!

Please share your favorite hair tip with us?
Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. That is my favorite tip on the planet because you can try to do as much styling as you want, but really, it’s about taking care of your hair in its most natural form when you can. Moisturizing keeps it healthy, keeps your ends healthy so they’re not breaking off

What’s your best hair tip from a pageant perspective?
Use a heat protectant product. ORS has a great heat protectant spray and I use that everyday. And whenever I have to style my hair during pageant week—there was styling going on every single day—it’s important to definitely use heat protectant on the hair…Usually I’m manipulating it everyday then I’m curling it everyday. I like to plan out my hairstyles for the week along with my outfits for the week, down to the jewelry for each outfit.

What are some of your future goals?
My future goals are definitely to continue working with the Miss. Black USA organization. As a branch of that I’ll be starting my own non-profit organization, the Tonille Simone Watkis Foundation for young artists, which will allow me to continue doing the work that I did in Cuba [when I visited the country during my Miss Black USA reign] and by providing ballet shoes to underprivileged dancers all over the world and nurturing them and giving them the resources they need to continue to have a strong art community

What is your definition of beauty?
Truth. Being able to look at yourself in the mirror and accept exactly what it is you see before you put anything on, before you’ve altered yourself. Embracing your hair texture—whatever your hair texture may be like. With the ORS’ #NoStereotypes campaign, embracing your features and what you perceive to be your flaws—that’s beauty to me. Being able to say, “I’m beautiful just as I am.”

A preview shot of Tonille’s look for the ORS ad. Gorgeous!

A preview shot of Tonille’s look for the ORS ad. Gorgeous!

For more about Miss Black USA 2016 Tonille Watkis, check out the July/Aug ’17 issue of Sophisticate’s Black Hair…on sale now!

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