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In continuing the conversation for ORS’ powerful #NoStereotypes campaign, Olive Oil Hues introduces us to Candace Blaylock, Payroll Coordinator for Namaste Laboratories, and her story about battling one of the ugliest stereotypes out there. Read on to learn how she won, and check out her beautiful Hues look here…

Candace before her new coif color…

Candace before her new coif color…

Candace has always encountered people who sought to diminish her beauty or worth because of her skin color. Unfortunately, she’s not alone. Many Black and Brown people deal with the ridiculous, antiquated stigma attached to darker skin daily. How are we supposed to deal? Candace has the answers, three to be exact:

  1. Reject negativity by surrounding yourself with positive people. Candace credits her mom and grandmother with building her up as a kid. They told her “No one is better than you” and reaffirmed that her skin was a beautiful reflection of her heritage. Early education on self-worth is key.
  2. Recite positive affirmations daily to build confidence and self-esteem. Candace has been affirming her beauty and greatness for years. The end result? Hate is blocked by the best love: self-love. Who can tell you about you if you’re too busy shining to listen?
  3. When you’re feeling down, express yourself. Remember that positive circle Candace told us to keep? Well, it’s for good reason! On tough days open up to trusted friends and family members for further validation on how amazing you are!

Get Her Hues…In these photos, Candace is rocking ORS Olive Oil Hues like a Queen! Her closely cropped cascade of curls and waves were blessed with a burst of ORS Olive Oil Hues in Raging Red. Looking great girl! No matter the color of your skin—or hair for that matter, always Hue You. #NoStereotypes

Candace flaunting ORS Olive Oil Hues Raging Red

Candace flaunting ORS Olive Oil Hues Raging Red

Photos courtesy ORS.

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