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The ‘Born Again Virgin’ Is Back

Danielle Nicolet

Danielle Nicolet

TV One’s Born Again Virgin returns for the second season and we’re more than excited! Starring Danielle Nicolet, Meagan Holder, Eva Marcille and Durrell “Tank” Babbs, the comedy centers on the dating lives of three best friends in today’s hyper-connected world. Here, SBH chats with Danielle and Megan about the show…

Can you tell us about your roles on Born Again Virgin?
: I play Jenna and she’s a writer who’s had a lot of success in different areas of her life, but she’s never been particularly successful in her relationships. She has decided to not only go independently in her writing career, but also start a blog and a vlog to [document] her journey of choosing to not have sex with men so she’ll get to know herself a little better and start attracting better men.
Meagan: I play Kelly, roommate and more importantly, lifelong friend to Jenna. While Kelly thinks [celibacy] is extreme, she also thinks it’s a good, healthy choice for Jenna. My character is also a work-driven woman and her goals are to advance in work, become an independent woman and be her own boss.

Meagan Holder

Meagan Holder

Why do you think this show resonates so well with women?
: I think it’s so refreshing to see three single women who are following a career they have a passion for. We don’t have a man and we don’t have that picture perfect life. A lot of times women feel like, “I don’t have what I’m suppose to have,” and our show doesn’t have any of those rules to it. It’s also just refreshing to see genuine friendships.
Danielle: I totally agree. Almost everyday someone walks up to me and says, “Thank you so much for making [Born Again Virgin]. We really needed that. The show really looks like how I am with my friends.” I think Born Again Virgin translates that way because women write the show. I think most TV shows, particularly the ones that show African-American women, write us into these very particular archetypes and I think it’s because oftentimes it’s men writing what they think, want or fantasize what we’re like when they’re not around. The thing I feel is pressed so hard about African-American women, particularly in TV comedy is that we’re completely hungry, dissatisfied and desperate for a man. That we’ll only be happy and complete until we muscle out the other women and get that man. Our characters aren’t like that. We’re women who want happy, fulfilling relationships, but we want to be happy with ourselves and we totally accept each other for who we are. We’re not catty and backbiting, and I think women really appreciate that in a way that we didn’t know we needed it until we got it.

What’s the best advice you would give to our single SBH readers?
Keep using every opportunity you have while you’re single to fill your life with as much joy, happiness, interest and experience as possible because all of that is what you’ll bring to that right relationship. Take that opportunity while you’re single to be the most fabulous, interesting, compelling human being you can possibly be, and you’ll know that you’ll enter your relationship as an amazing partner.

Catch the premiere of Born Again Virgin tonight on TV One at 9/8c.

Danielle Nicolet

Meagan Holder

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