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Hair emergency? SBH has your back! Check out our coif question of the week. In every issue, SBH Hair Advice columnist Jacqueline Tarrant answers your questions and helps solve some of your biggest hair concerns. Have a question you need answered? Post it in the comment section below or in the “Ask A Stylist” section of our website: SBH ASK A STYLIST.

My hair is breaking (in long strands) and it’s also shedding. I had a baby seven months ago. I have been perming, flat-ironing and blow-drying my own hair. What do you recommend? 

There are two areas we need to address: the excessive shedding and the breakage. It’s not uncommon for mothers to shed more hair than usual after the birth of a child. During pregnancy, your hair is in a constant growing phase due to hormonal changes. After giving birth, the body returns to the normal hormonal pattern and the hair goes back to its normal three-phase pattern (growing phase, transition phase, resting phase). When the hair gets to the resting phase, a lot more hair will be lost. Soon, the body will adjust and the normal amount of hair shedding will occur. If excessive shedding continues, speak to your doctor; there may be another cause driving the additional hair loss.

In regards to breakage, this is a result of an external cause, such as overlapping the relaxer onto previously relaxed strands. Remember: A relaxer retouch should only touch the new hair that has grown since the last relaxer application. Hair that has been the victim of overlapping has been chemically over-processed and therefore will be weak and fragile. This hair breaks easily from flat ironing and even combing or brushing. Get a good trim, deep-condition and try setting your hair instead of blow-drying, flat-ironing or curling.

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