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Slip-N-Slide Records, the same label that represented Trick Daddy and Trina, now presents R&B rising star Teenear. The Miami native is bringing back classic ‘90s vibes with her recent single “Streetlights.” The young artist blends the iconic young love theme with soulful vocals so seamlessly you’re guaranteed to be playing this track on repeat. “Streetlights” follows her debut single, “Friday Night,” which featured popular rapper Sage the Gemini Sophisticate’s Black Hair spoke exclusively with the young singer about her beauty moves and music vibe…

Do you wear extensions to enhance your style?
Yes, well, honestly it’s because of Miami. It just makes it easier when it comes to humidity down here. I like curling my hair a lot because I like the look of it. I like when it looks like a natural curl pattern: just really flowy and pretty. I also like having highlights in my hair.

What is your beauty philosophy?
I just recently got into makeup like crazy and my mom is always getting mad at me when I do too much. I like putting on makeup more than just like making it make me look pretty; it’s just the process of doing it. I have recently started doing a natural look because I don’t want to overdo it.

If we were to look inside your makeup bag, what would we find?
I use Clinique foundation, I also use E.L.F. high definition translucent powder and I cannot live without my Benefit eyeliner; I love eyeliner so much. There’s also my Anastasia glow kit and Anastasia contouring kit. I just recently fell in love with Kylie [Jenner’s] lip kits. I love her True Brown color so much; I probably wear it everyday.

Is there a feature you like to spotlight with makeup?
My eyes. I like when I have eyeliner and mascara. I like that whole eye popping look.

Do you have any makeup tips you’d like to share?
I recently learned—because I’m starting the whole natural makeup thing—that if you want to do natural on a daily basis, use your fingers; they work wonders. When you use brushes you tend to put more makeup on your face. For eyebrows I personally don’t like when people have crazy defined eyebrows. So I’ve been using the Anastasia Brow Definer. It doesn’t go on too heavy, that’s my favorite.

What can we look forward to from you in the future?
Right now I’m just recording; I’m getting ready to show the world a lot about myself through my music. And in the recording process [I’m] just getting everything [ready] for you guys and I plan to be performing a lot soon.

And you recently had a single that dropped, right…
Yes, “Streetlight.” And this is one of my favorite songs right now…I am obsessed with it simply because its just a feel-good song.

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