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3 Relaxing Rules You May Have Forgotten


Whether you’ve been relaxing your hair at home forever or are new to the technique, there are three main rules that all relaxer wearers need to know. Nicole Ray Robinson, Category Head for ORS Olive Oil Straightening, Maintenance & Hairdress at Namaste Laboratories, gives us a quickie refresher on the 3 rules of relaxing we need to know:

READ “For any relaxer, be sure to carefully read and understand the instructions—even if you’ve done relaxer applications previously. Follow directions and follow the timing chart.”

PROTECT “Keep in mind our edges, our hairline, are the most delicate part of hair on our head so when applying a relaxer, always apply relaxer to that section last—unless you’re doing an edge up.”

USE “A no-lye [relaxer] formulation needs to be mixed and used within a specific time-frame.” That means: no saving extra relaxer in the fridge!

For more about what’s new in the relaxer game—specifically small section relaxing (your sides, edges, back)—check out the “Style In Your Zone” story in the February 2017 issue of Sophisticate’s Black Hair. Short style wearers, we’re talking to you!

Photo courtesy ORS.

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