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Marlon’s Spicy Sister: Bresha Webb

Get ready to laugh out loud with NBC’s new family comedy Marlon—which premieres tonight at 9/8CT. Inspired by actor/comedian Marlon Wayans’ real life, the show centers around a divorced couple dedicated to co-parenting their two kids and keeping their new relationship positive. But, the slightly immature and crazy antics of a social-media-star father make things a bit…hilarious. We sat down with Marlon co-star actress Bresha Webb—who you might recognize from films like Ride Along 2 and Meet The Blacks—to get an inside scoop on the show and talk about her television-worthy tresses.

Tell us about your role on Marlon as “Yvette.”
I play “Yvette” who is “Ashley’s” (the ex-wife played by Essence Atkins) best friend. ‘Yvette’ is her sassy, fun and crazy best friend. She’s a character herself, she’s hard working, has a business in interior design but also likes to go out on weekends. She’s currently single and always ready to mingle so she’s always getting “Ashley” into trouble and always going back and forth with “Marlon.”

How do you wear your hair in the show?
On the show my hair is in a weave [and I] leave my perimeter [and] some of my Natural hair out. I love the bob, I love rocking bobs so throughout the whole series I wanted to rock different styles of the bob. I started out with a long lob and then I cut it down and made it a medium length bob with a middle part and then I just kept going shorter and bringing different looks to the producers. I wanted to show my character can be sassy and sexy in her outfit but have this classy look on top [with her hair]. But I always think of the hair every time I come to a character.

Do you enjoy experimenting with wigs and protective styles?
Absolutely. To me a protective style is a weave. If I really want to preserve my hair, my hair does well in the weave…If I could just rock my curly ‘Fro some days I will but, sometimes it’s so hard to maintain if you don’t prepare the night before. So, I usually just keep my hair braided up whether it’s in weave or a type of protective style.

How do you maintain your tresses?
In-between I wash my edges, I use a lot of leave-in conditioner…I just blow dry it [and] rinse out the conditioner. I put olive oil and coconut oil on my edges when I’m not really working; I keep them as clean as possible. My edges mean a lot to me so I really take care of them between takes and different days. So if I don’t have to put heat on my hair during the weekend then I won’t. I love edge control, there are certain edge controls that I really live by just so I don’t have to put as much heat on them every single time.

What your best hair advice?
Your hair grows from the inside out so whatever you put inside your body comes out. So if you’re not nurturing your body, if you’re not eating correctly, you’re not taking any vitamins, all of those things make a major impact on your hair grow and hair care.

Photo courtesy Allied Moxy, a Division of Allied Integrated Marketing.

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