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mane help monday 2-1-16

Hair emergency? SBH has your back! Check out our coif question of the week. In every issue, SBH Hair Advice columnist Jacqueline Tarrant answers your questions and helps solve some of your biggest hair concerns. Have a question you need answered? Post in the comment section below or in the “Ask A Stylist” section of our website: SBH ASK A STYLIST.

I have short hair that is wavy at the roots and curly at the ends. I am constantly frustrated because I cannot do anything with it. Styling my hair has become problematic for me. I have considered getting a sew-in weave, but I am afraid it will not look natural. Do you have any advice on what kind of weave I should get? And would you suggest getting a relaxer before applying the sew-in? –Ezra

The key to getting a natural-looking weave is finding and working with a weave specialist who has clients with natural-looking weaves. Ask around, and next time you see someone with a weave that you like, ask her who styled her hair and what salon they work out of. Word of mouth is the best advertisement, and you can find great recommendations this way.

As far as the relaxer is concerned, I recommend getting it after you have your weave removed. I also suggest waiting at least two weeks before getting the relaxer to give your hair a chance to recover from the tension of braiding. It’s also a good idea to deep condition at least once or twice prior to the relaxer in an effort to prepare your hair for the chemical treatment.


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