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F2Hair emergency? SBH has your back! Check out our coif question of the week. In every issue, SBH Hair Advice columnist Jacqueline Tarrant answers your questions and helps solve some of your biggest hair concerns. Have a question you need answered? Post in the comment section below or in the “Ask A Stylist” section of our website: SBH ASK A STYLIST.

I am having trouble drying my Natural hair. Air-drying is not an option because my hair locs immediately after washing, so I blow-dry every two weeks and that is damaging my hair. I’ve tried all kinds of conditioners! Can you give me any advice? —Lisa

I do understand your dilemma. Hair that is excessively tight or kinky (4a or 4b on the hair texture chart) tends to tangle easily. One of the reasons that I have found for excessive tangling and locing of Natural hair is the need for trimming. When the ends become split and unraveled, they tend to snag and grab onto each other causing the hair to loc up. Go to one of the local Natural hair salon specialists and have a much-needed trim. If you continue to blow-dry occasionally, reduce the heat temperature and invest in a good comb attachment for a smoother blow-drying process. Also, apply a creamy leave-in conditioner to small sections and detangle with a large tooth comb. Plait the detangled sections until dry or blow-dry one section at a time until hair is dry, then style as usual.


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