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Convo With “Maze Runner: The Death Cure” Star Dexter Darden

You’ll recognize actor Dexter Darden as one of the daring guys from the hit YA franchise The Maze Runner. With the trilogy’s anticipated third and final installment, Maze Runner: The Death Cure, hitting theaters tomorrow we caught up with one of the film’s leading men to discuss the new movie and his big screen style. Check it out!

SBH: What can fans expect from The Maze Runner: The Death Cure?

Dexter Darden: There’s a lot of returns, excitement and way bigger action. They can also expect people that they’ve missed in the franchise, people they loved in the franchise, all coming together and seeing them together again. It’s the final chapter so it’s closing the deal on something that’s been happening for a really long time now.

SBH: How has you character, “Frypan,” changed since the first film?

Dexter Darden: I think “Frypan” has had the biggest growth as a character in the franchise to me…In the third [movie] he kind of has to assume a position of leadership because “Minho” [played by Ki Hong Lee] is gone and we’ve lost a couple of people on the way so it really just comes down to Dylan O’Brien, who plays “Thomas,” and Thomas Sangster, who plays “Newt,” and me to kind of round up the troops and get them together and point them in the right direction to succeed.

SBH: How are you and “Frypan” alike? How are you different?

Dexter Darden: I think we’re a lot alike. We both like to cook, we both love food but we also love comradery and we love bringing people together and I think that is a big thing for me—and “Frypan”—as well. We just want to make sure that the right thing is always done whether it’s a common thing that people want to happen or if its’ going against the grain.”

SBH: How do you wear your hair for this movie? Has it changed since the first movie?

Dexter Darden: It changed a lot because in the movies we have now been in the wilderness for about six months, almost a year, after the second one takes place. So, my hair has grown a bit and it’s kind of cool, it’s close to the style that I like to keep regularly. It’s Faded on the sides with a little Afro curl on top. I think that’s kind of what we tried to keep. It’s not quite as cool as I keep it regularly throughout the day but definitely close enough.

Look for Maze Runner: The Death Cure to hit theaters January 26th.

For more from our conversation with actor Dexter Darden, check out the March 2018 issue of Sophisticate’s Black Hair.

Groomer: Loui Ferry / @louiferry; Stylist: A Gentleman’s Journi / @journi_7; Retoucher: Alexander Silkin; Photos: Ted Sun / @tedsun77

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