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eva marcille

Proving that she’s more than just a pretty face, Eva Marcille is taking over the small screen once again. SBH caught up with the model turned actress to talk her new show on TV One, Born Again Virgin, mane moves and more…

Can you tell us about you new show, Born Again Virgin?
Born Again Virgin is about a young lady named Jenna, played by Danielle Nicolet, who is a writer and taking a turn in her career. She’s starting to blog and chronicle her life as a born again virgin. It nothing to do with her religious preferences—it’s a dating strategy.

She has two best friends whom she lives with, and they don’t share the same sentiments at all. My character, Tara, is a boatload of fun and she’s the life of the party. Tara was a child actor and she’s still trying to find the stardom she once had.

The other friend is Kelly, played by Meagan Holder. She’s a publicist and she’s the glue that keeps us all together. She’s logical and she has a sound mind and body. Kelly is the one who keeps us all on track when our ideas get a little too adventurous.

Born Again Virgin is a take on three women, and how they view life, love and sex.

What’s your favorite part about being on the show?
I have a couple of favorites. First, I have all brothers so to be with a cast filled with women and on a show written for women by women—that camaraderie and sisterhood is something that I never had before. It’s a sisterhood that’s truly created on set with these women, and its one of the most amazing things.

As far as the show, my character is so much fun! I get up every day and I’m able to play a character that really represents women of today. Not every woman, but the woman that loves Instagram, the woman that uses Snapchat all the time and makes sure she catches her e-gossip news. Tara is a woman who thoroughly lives for today and I enjoy playing her. She’s not me at all. I’m not the social media buff, and I’m not the one watching E! News so it’s cool to play someone who’s so different from me.

Was it easy for you to transition from modeling to acting?
I started acting when I did Kevin Hill in 2005, which is right after I won America’s Next Top Model. I got a taste of acting and the bug bit me. I started doing some guest starring spots including House of Payne, Smallville and The Young and The Restless and more. For me, Born Again Virgin is so different because it’s comedy. Naturally I fell into drama [roles], but Born Again Virgin is light and airy. So to play in this quick, smart and witty pace is so much fun.

How do you wear your hair on the show?
My character is motivated by her hair—as most women are! For Black women, our hair is our crown, our glory, our attitude and our aptitude. Tara is all about her hair and she wears a different wig for every single day. She names every one of her wigs. She has “Keke,” “Heidi” and “Delilah”—everything from a short, choppy bob to long hair with bangs. She goes all around the board and she’s free in her style and self-expression.

How do you like to wear your hair when you’re not working?
I like to wear my hair two inches long at best. Right now I am naturally sandy blonde with no color, no product—just very easy hair.

Any hair advice for SBH readers?
It’s just hair. You make it what you want to make it. You can cut it, color it, you can sew it on, attach it—it’s just hair. Our beauty doesn’t lie in our hair. Beauty lies within us and we just wear the hair.

Born Again Virgin premieres today on TV One at 10pm EST.

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