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Million Dollar Matchmaker Beauty

Model, actress and reality television star Claudia Jordan chatted with Sophisticate’s Black Hair about her appearance on tonight’s episode of WE tv’s Million Dollar Matchmaker (Fridays, 9/8c). The former The Real Housewives of Atlanta star talks about her emotional experience on the show and (of course!) how she managed to look stunning through all the drama. Make sure you check out tonight’s jaw-dropping episode!

Sophisticate’s Black Hair: Did your look change for Million Dollar Matchmaker? How are you wearing your hair in tonight’s episode?
Claudia Jordan: [I’m wearing my hair in] long layers. I had some pieces, some tracks sewn in. My hair got really damaged from being in the business so long. I am using clip-in pieces and sew-in pieces, just to give it a little more fullness. I like that kind of not too long [hairstyle]. I don’t want to have a super weave down my back. I really love that length, that kind of mid length.

SBH: Is that how you usually wear your hair?
Claudia: I like to switch it up. I love doing, half up, half down with a ponytail to kind off show my face. I like stuff like that. I think it’s feminine, still young and kind of flirty.

SBH: How do you maintain your tresses?
Claudia: I try not to curl or flat iron it as much myself. One of my hairdressers, she’s just insisting, “Let me make you a unit, so you never really have to mess with your own real hair.” I never want to look like I have a wig on. That’s always been important to me. I just got a unit made, it’s like a fall half wig. So the majority of my hair is underneath, and it’s not being exposed to the heat and not being abused. Wrapping it at night, it’s important to do that. You wake up with your hair more silky, and then you don’t have to put the heat on it.

SBH: What is your best hair advice?
Claudia: My best hair advice is: Don’t just let anybody do anything to your hair. Ask questions. “What is that that you’re putting in my hair? Does that have alcohol in it? Is that bleach?” Just ask questions.

SBH: Tell us about your experience on Million Dollar Matchmaker?
Claudia: I thought it would just be fun. Probably won’t meet anybody, but we would just do it anyways and just see. And then we got into issues—and the things that maybe the cause of feeling a certain way about my self worth. And I was in tears on this show. It was really deep. I didn’t expect it to be as deep of an experience as it was. I was drained, but it was something that was necessary. That had to happen.

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