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Celebrity Stylist


Kim Kimble

As celebrity hairstylist to megastars Mary J. Blige, Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and star of reality TV show “L.A. Hair,” mane maven Kim Kimble is at the top of her game.

LIVING THE DREAM:“I wanted to be a fashion designer, so I went to beauty college to work my way through fashion school. But when I got into doing hair, went to hair shows and saw the glamour side of doing hair, I fell in love and that was it.”

WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW: “It’s not a walk in the park. It’s a juggling act. When you’re dealing with other personalities in the salon and dealing with clients, it can be a real challenge.”

ROLE MODEL: “You have little girls who look up to entertainers, singers and celebrities, but it’s also great to have them look up to a hairstylist.”


Showing off a delectable coif, singer Mary J. Blige (left) models a sexy silhouette courtesy of style pro Kim Kimble.

YOUR SPACE: Celebrity Stylist

Tell Us: Curious about what it takes to birth a career in celebrity hairstyling? Looking for style advice from a renowned mane pro? We’ll attempt to cover as many questions as possible in a future column.

Talk back to SBH at “Celebrity Stylist”

  1. Geo says:

    It is great that you have a column regarding celebrity stylists. Always interesting reading and I wish there was more content here.
    In this connection I would have loved to see a profile interview with Fashion Hendricks at NYC weave studio in New York.
    It would be exiting to read more about her story and maybe get some secret tips on how to archive weave perfection.

  2. Joc says:

    I am a hair stylist with a great idea about weaves. Problem is I’m stuck with the idea and don’t know where or who to talk to about a business idea… help please


    Hi, I am the grandmother of a 13 year old who wants very much to be a hair stylist when she grows up. She styles her dolls and her mom has purchased several heads for her to work on in her spare time. She works on these heads all the time. She is my oldest grand and I prefer for her to go to college. But now I realize I am talking to a wall. Please tell me how I can support her now in her desire to do what she wants to do so she will be successful in the hair business? should I take her to hair shows? she also wants to volunteer in a salon doing shampoo’s but I’m not sure if that is allowed?

    • Stephanie says:

      Take her to visit the different hair schools in your community and at 16 in most states she can get a hair license. Keep up the good work inspiring your granddaughter it will pay off in the end

  4. Provillus says:

    I can’t do anything with my hair, going to cut off.

  5. SBH says:

    Hi Mela,

    Celeb stylist Tiffanie Dixon suggests going to trade shows and doing your research. She also says to always have your “A” game on and nurture your craft so you can provide the best service and product.

  6. Danilo says:

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  7. Very Serious N confident says:

    I’m wanting to become a celebrity stylist this is a dream but I don’t know where to start. I just created some colors n style to myself. I also invent new colors n cuts and need direction. I am a multicultural hairstylist.

    • SBH says:

      Hi Very Serious N Confident,

      Celeb stylist Tiffanie Dixon, who has worked with stars like Tamala Jones, Eve, Brandy and Ciara gave her tips for breaking into the celebrity hair business. “Go to trade shows, do research. Most importantly, know the protocol—there are dos and don’ts (like confidentiality agreements) when you’re working with celebrities because they’re front and center. overall, it’s all about etiquette, having your ‘A’ game on at all times and nurturing your craft so you can produce the best service and product.” Hope this helps, and good luck to you!

  8. Mela Funches says:

    I am interested in becoming a celebrity stylist. What does it take? Where do I start? Who do I need to speak to?

    • Tonya Cryer says:

      Hi there Mela, my suggestion is decide which area of the business you’d like to work in then get prepared. Create a presence for yourself. Take photos of your work get with other beauty professionals, photographers and Join several networking and social media websites. Get on blogs ask and answer questions. Do your research and get a mentor.There are many different avenues of entertainment that you can work in and they all work a little differently. If you have any additional questions or advice feel free to google me and you can see my websites and profiles. You can also send an email.

  9. denise walker says:

    Like this looking good

YOUR SPACE: Celebrity Stylist

Tell Us: Curious about what it takes to birth a career in celebrity hairstyling? Looking for style advice from a renowned mane pro? We’ll attempt to cover as many questions as possible in a future column.

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