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Sherron Baylock is a Chicago-based hairstylist and owner of beauty hotspot, Touched Salon. Her love for hair began in high school, when she was constantly was doing her friends’ hair. After some encouragement from her mother, Baylock attended Pivot Point Academy, where she finished among the top ten students in her class. Her beauty career has spanned over thirty years, and she has attracted some star clientele along the way, such as Empire’s Ta’Rhona Jones (pictured here with the mane pro).

FAMOUS CLIENTELE: Actress/rap artist Ta’Rhonda Jones has been going to Baylock before her success as “Porsha” on Empire. “When she called me to tell me she go the part, I cried,” Baylock remembers. “We didn’t know how big it was going to be, but I was just so happy for her.” Proving her stardom hasn’t wavered her loyalty, Ta’Rhonda sees Baylock weekly. “I feel like that’s her time for her to be herself,” Baylock says. “She’s human, and I believe you do need a little privacy in your life. So that’s her time to let her hair down and be Ta’Rhonda, not ‘Porsha’ of Empire.”

ON HER CLIENTS: Getting to know clients are important to Baylock. “You never know what a woman may be going through until you start talking. As hairstylists, we play an important part in people’s lives. We have to listen to the clients because they have needs. It’s not all about their hair,” observes the mane pro.

WISE WORDS: “Focus; as artists and creative people we get pulled in all different directions,” Baylock explains about challenges hair pros may face. “We want to be everything to everybody, leaving no stone unturned or income stream untapped. I, too, tried to do everything, but I became most successful as a hairstylist and salon owner when I focused on a specific niche for my client. The number one question I ask to determine what my business should be doing is: ‘Does it make the client feel good?’ At the end of the day, that’s all that matters in pursuing exponential growth in the hair/beauty industry.”

Kristen White helps get Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore glam for her SBH photo shoot.

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