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SBH BLOG:                                                       Mane Help Monday

SOS053Hair emergency? SBH has your back! Check out our coif question of the week. In every issue, SBH Hair Advice columnist Jacqueline Tarrant answers your questions and helps solve some of your biggest hair concerns. Have a question you need answered? Post it in the comment section below or in the “Ask A Stylist” section of our website: SBH ASK A STYLIST.

I used to relax my hair. Then I decided to go Natural. Since I went Natural, I’ve had a hard time finding hair care products compatible with my Natural hair texture, which is best described as wavy and curly. I find I have to wash it often and it’s getting dried out. What should I do?


This is a common challenge among curly-haired girls. Here are two tips to assist you: First, sleep on a satin pillowcase or bonnet. Keep in mind that most pillowcases are made from cotton, which is designed to absorb moisture, including your moisturizer. The result in the morning may be dry, unruly strands. A satin pillowcase will allow the hair to glide across the pillow without drying out your hair or causing friction that can rough up your hair’s cuticle. This friction is caused as we rub strands against the cotton, contributing to the hair becoming tangled and even matted.
Secondly, skip frequent shampooing and try co-washing instead. Believe it or not, a conditioner will remove a sufficient amount of oil and dirt without stripping away much-needed moisture. A simple rinse-out conditioner is likely to work better as it is made for more frequent use and is therefore formulated to be lighter and easier to rinse off. Use your deep conditioner when you feel your hair requires additional care. Use a shampoo-type cleansing product on occasion to help clear off any buildup before it becomes an issue.

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