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Natural Hair

Look of the Month

Celebrity hairstylist Monae Everett is breaking down some hot hairstyles in her book Stunning Braids. For this cute coif, dubbed “The Fancy Fauxhawk,” creative buns and two-strand twists come together to create a fun and fierce mane.


Step 1:
Utilize Natural curls for this look. With a rattail comb, create a horizontal part from ear to ear. Pull top section into ponytail and then split the bottom section into two. Twist hair from root to tip.


Step 2:
Twist hair down, using the Two-Stand Twist method, onto itself into a bun and pin to secure. Then gently tug out for a fuller look. Add gel to hairline as you go and smooth down with soft bristle brush.


Step 3:
Repeat twisting, creating buns and pinning for all three sections. Try to maintain an even height throughout each bun. Cover any gaps by separating and pinning until the desired finish is achieved.

Step 4: Finish

Finish the look with a spray serum and holding mist.



Demetria McKinney

Singer/actress Demetria McKinney is a total triple threat. Beauty, powerhouse vocals and projects like Saints & Sinners on her resume. The “Easy” singer sat down with us to talk about her gorgeous curls.

  • “My favorite laid-back hairstyle is the Wash ‘n Go. I love just letting it be where it’s going to be. I’m not putting any stress or tension on it, it’s free flowing, it’s fun and just really chillax.”

“I’ve been natural for ten years I think now…When House of Payne first started, I noticed my hair was really thin and as we went into the process of everything, my hair would not do well. Literally if the wind blew I could see strands of hair leaving my body and I hated that.”

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