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The Boris and Nicole ShowDaytime television never looked better! Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker team up once again for a four-week test of their talk show, The Boris & Nicole Show, which premiered last week on FOX. We’re looking forward to seeing the gorgeous couple discuss various topics from currents events to beauty and more. Boris and Nicole chat with SBH about their new talk show…

Can you tell us about The Boris & Nicole Show?
: The new show premiered July 6 on FOX and I’m so excited! It’s the first time Boris & I are on the other side of the couch. We’re keeping everything that works about good daytime television—we’re keeping celebrity guests, fun, health, wellness, beauty tips and we’re highlighting people who are making a difference in the world.

Can you tell us how the talk show came about?
: I first created the concept of a show for us for radio and that was about six or seven years ago. The timing wasn’t right and our schedules wouldn’t permit us to do it. When it came back around I thought, ‘Why not do it for TV?’ It’s a great platform for us to be able to share what we’re passionate about, encourage dialogue on things that need to be talked about and have some fun. We’re very happy and excited to be going on this new journey and we can’t wait to start.

What can viewers expect from your show?
: What’s unique and groundbreaking about our show is that it’s a real-life married couple with very distinct perspectives. He’s such a man and I’m such a woman. And we’re coming from both sides and it’s the thing that’s going to give [the show] that extra oomph.

The Boris and Nicole ShowHow does it feel to work together again?
Nicole: We met working together on Soul Food 15 years ago, so that’s all we know. We get along better when we’re working together.

Is it easy for you to separate your personal lives from business?
: When you’re married with kids, there’s really no separation. Kids have to get to school in the morning and they have to be picked up after. Yes, we have these high profile, fast-paced lives, but kids level the playing field. You just have to keep it real at all times. You have to know how to communicate—you have to know how to fight fair. You have to know how to work together. Life separates us naturally, so there’s no time for getting in a rut. Being in a rut is not our problem, slowing down, doing nothing and relaxing—that’s what we need to work on.

Boris: “We know each other so well that we know when and how much space we need and we’ve always been open with that. She doesn’t have an issue telling me, ‘Look, I need to get away for three days with my girls.’ We always give each other that space and freedom to be individuals, but we get together and we work together, we always have a great time.”

What topics will you cover on the show?
: We’ll cover everything from current affairs, celebrity guests, fashion, relationships, love, sex health and wellness—things that concern everybody. We’ll cover topics that people are passionate about.

What do you like about working together?
: We always have a great time. We started out as really close friends so that foundation is always there. It allows us to just enjoy each other in this new forum and have fun.

Check your local listings of show times for The Boris and Nicole Show.

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