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Hair pro and entrepreneur Najah Aziz is game-changer in the hair industry. Aziz left a 16-year career in the corporate world to pursue her hair care dreams. She opened Like The River The Salon in Atlanta, GA, as the go-to spot for beautification and pampering. While running a salon she also founded Beyond The Hair, which is an 11-city workshop series for stylists to learn how to implement practical techniques in doing better business. The workshops talk about new innovations to the hair industry and the business side of being a stylist and running a salon. For more answers from Najah Zziz about your mane concerns, pick up a copy of the Dec/Jan ’18 issue of Sophisticate’s Black Hair!

What’s the difference between a hair masque and a deep conditioner? I’m trying to find a way to keep moisture in my hair during the winter months.—Belinda
A deep conditioner is typically used to infuse the hair with moisture, while a hair masque is more concentrated and made to treat more specific hair issues. If you suffer from hair damage, weakness in the hair and other inconsistencies regarding the integrity of your tresses, then a hair masque is definitely a good idea to help conceal these issues while keeping your hair hydrated during the harsh winter months. On the other hand, if you don’t suffer from hair weakness issues, then a deep conditioner every two weeks is sufficient to keep your mane in shape during the winter.

I feel like my hair isn’t growing. It stops at my nape and then breaks off. I heat style my hair. Could that be what’s causing the slow growth? Help! —Alice
Heat styling could definitely be the culprit. Heat can burn the hair and dry it out, eventually leading to breakage. However, there are many reasons why hair stops growing. In addition to heat damage, it could be caused by heredity, medications, aging or chemical damage. For example, if you happen to be over the age of 40, keep in mind that our hair growth rate slows down significantly due to hair follicles dying off as we get older. Therefore, if you’re using a lot of heat, especially on overly chemically processed hair while in the 40 and up club, then it’s highly likely that you’ll experience a lot of breakage preventing your hair from growing.

People always say trims are important. But are they really—especially if you have a short style like a pixie?—Amber
Trims are extremely important, especially for pixie cuts! First, trims help to maintain the shape of the style. Since hair grows about a half-inch a month, going too long without a trim will quickly grow out your pixie cut, causing you to lose the whole beauty of the style. Second, whether you’re rocking a pixie or not, frequent trims will keep the ends of your hair from splitting, so that your hair stays in a constant healthy condition. I recommend trimming your hair every 4-6 weeks.

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