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Celebrity hairstylist Ursula Stephen is known for creating some of music superstar Rihanna’s most iconic mane moves and for the stunning styles worn by beauties like Kerry Washington, Rita Ora and Mary J. Blige on the red carpet. This talented star stylist has worked with brands like Gucci, DKNY, MAC and CoverGirl, just to name a few. In addition to her impressive celebrity clients, Stephen is also a Unilever global hair care brand ambassador and the owner of beauty hot spot Ursula Stephen The Salon in Brooklyn, NY. The stylist divides her time between Los Angeles and New York, growing her beauty empire and setting mane trends.

I’m trying to grow out a Natural Afro. What are the tools and products I need to maintain the shape of the look I want while maintaining the health of my hair?—Sophia

If you are growing out a Natural Afro, the best tool for you is an Afro pick—the ultimate tool to comb and shape an Afro. This tool comes in tons of shapes, sizes and at different price ranges so try a few out until you find the perfect one for your hair. Experimenting with tools and products is half the fun of being Natural. The best product to use, and one I recommend, is a conditioning spray. This spray should condition the hair while creating a desirable shine evenly throughout your head—all the while not disrupting the shape of your Afro when applied.


I want to try chopping off all my hair and getting almost a barber cut. What should I do to prep my hair for such a short style?—Maya  

Please, the most important thing here is be mentally ready for the style. The Big Chop cut can be traumatic if you are not ready—especially if you’ve had long hair for most of your life. It is very shocking to look in the mirror and see something so different. After that, find the right stylist to execute what you desire. Schedule a consultation, bring reference pictures to make sure that you and the stylist are on the same page and ask every question you have until you feel secure that this person can give you the look you want.

I recently invested in a very expensive lace-front wig. What are the best tip and tricks to maintain it properly?—Layla

Treat this hair as you would your own! This lace-front wig should be looked at as an investment. Shampoo and conditioner when necessary based on how often you’re styling the wig and if you’re applying product to it. But, don’t over style with heat tools. Air dry the wig when possible to avoid using the hair dryer. Excessive pulling and tugging may cause damage to the lace so be gentle when brushing. If your wig is colored, go ahead and do a deep conditioning treatment once every couple weeks to keep hair moisturized and soft.

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