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Master mane maker and celebrity stylist Jasmine Collins is known for creating trendsetting coifs. Based on her cutting-edge talent she quickly earned the nickname “Razor Chic Of Atlanta.” She is an award-winning professional whose work has graced the pages of many beauty editorials. The salon owner’s hands have worked magic on hot stars like NeNe Leaks and Porsha Williams. Her work has been featured on TV including The Real Housewives of Atlanta. For more answers from Razor Chic Of Atlanta about your mane concerns, pick up a copy of the July/Aug. ’17 issue of Sophisticate’s Black Hair!


I want to wear one of those really cute, short cuts. But, I’m afraid my face is too full. Do you think I can get away with a short hairstyle? If so, what kind would you suggest? —Theresa

Many people feel that their face is full and really it isn’t full, but let’s start here. If your face is round I would suggest an angular cut, meaning that asymmetry will sharpen your cheeks bone and make your chin seem longer giving you the ideal facial shape with is oval. Sharp angles in a haircut with a bit of asymmetry will add the sexy to your eyes and slim the facial fullness down. If you’re a person that likes a bang or fringe then you definitely want a side bang.

I want to go Natural but I’m not sure if I should go for the Big Chop or try tiny trims. What are the pros and cons between the two? —Monique

The Big Chop is always the fastest way to achieve the desired Natural hair you want. However, many women aren’t ready to dive into such an instant change. I will advise that you cut at least half of the chemically straightened hair off if you want to go Natural. Straight hair and Natural hair are innate enemies and cannot share the same household. Believe me, the Natural hair will always with the battle. Chemically straightened hair is weaker than your Natural hair and as your Natural hair grows out the weaker hair will begin to shed. I know it is a leap, but if you really want to embrace your Natural hair then I would advise starting with a half chop to reduce “short hair shock” or diving right in and cutting it all off. In the end, transiting will be easier if you just let go and get it cut.

How do I find the right conditioner for my coarse, dry hair? Do I need to do more conditioning “treatments” more often?

You will find the right conditioner for your hair type through a proper hair analysis consultation. Hair dryness and coarseness can be misdiagnosed. Are you completely sure your hair is coarse? You may have an abundance of hair but it might be medium textured or your curl pattern may be extremely tight and that can be the cause of your dryness. Therefore, it’s important to first have the proper analysis of your hair structure. After that, I would choose shampoos and conditioners that can help increase the moisture level in your hair. You may need to consider visiting the salon bi-weekly or monthly for intensive moisturizing conditioning services. However, what you use at home can either help diminish your dryness or intensify it. It is important that your stylist provides you with a recommendation that is properly suited for your hair type.

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