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Professional artist Tré Major is a hair, makeup and wardrobe stylist whose skill and creativity is legendary. His passion for visual arts led him to pursue hairdressing at a young age. At seventeen Major was hired to style Smart Guy TV actor Tahj Mowry for a series of television commercials and the rest is history. He is recognized for his work with iconic celebrities—including Academy Award winner Halle Berry, Lil’ Kim (on her iconic La Bella Mafia album cover), Mary J Blige (he crafted her “Farrah Fawcett-esque flips”), Patti LaBelle, Jada Pinkett-Smith and the late music icon Aaliyah. With over two decades of experience shaping the looks of today’s top stars, this talented beauty pro has made “The Major Look” a beauty standard in Hollywood.

How can I combat itching while I’m wearing my hair is in Box Braids? —Mia

You might be allergic to certain synthetic hair, so that could be something you might have to explore. Try to do your Box Braids using human hair to see if you have the same type of reaction—that’s how you could find out if you have an allergy to synthetic hair. If it’s not that, you could try spraying a mixture of witch hazel and water onto your scalp and use a makeup sponge to blot the excess wetness between the parts to help alleviate the itching.

If its extreme itching, a lot of folks like to use an astringent, like Sea Breeze (you might want to dilute that with just a bit of witch hazel, water). Try three parts water, one part Sea Breeze and one part witch hazel. However, it also goes back to my number one thing: hot oil treatments. I love hot oil treatments on every hair texture because it rinses off super light without leaving a heavy residue or buildup and it does the job. It lubricates the scalp and the strands. But, you have to do these hot oil treatments consistently, like once or twice a month, for it to really make a difference.


I’m starting to notice some grey hair in my Natural mane. What’s the best way to remove it without ruining the rest of my coif? —Scarlett

If you have the time and patience, go through your hair and pick through the grey pieces. I would also try putting hair color on just those pieces; there are tons of cover-up color products you can try. But, do not cut or pluck them—because they will multiply. When you pluck it, comes back coarser.

Does using a certain type of hair brush matter when detangling hair? If so, what are the best kinds of brushes to use? —Avery

The brush definitely matters. My favorite brush is by Aveda, it’s a paddle brush with a bamboo handle. The paddle has detangling bristles that are black plastic that are about less than one-inch long. The brush literally lasts for years. Any kind of paddle brush is a good option to have. I like to use the paddle brush when doing blowouts on my clients with my handheld blow dryer. Also, the Wet detangle brushes are good…a lot of people I know really like it.

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