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August 17, 2017

…Direct From France

Natural curls are interlaced with glints of gold thanks to the balayage coif coloring technique (where color is hand painted onto individual sections of hair to create the most natural-looking effect). Depth, dimension and brilliance is the result—as shown on this mane masterpiece from the French hair artists at Fabio Salsa. Gorgeous!

Hair & Art Direction: Fabien Provost; Hair Color: Olivier Fauchard; Makeup: Charlotte Willer; Fashion Stylist: Chloe Dugast; Photo: Adel Awad; Concept: Philippe Gras. All for Fabio Salsa Salon.

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Marlon On “Marlon”
August 16, 2017

SBH Exclusive Interview! 

Actor/comedian Marlon Wayans shows SBH some love—along with his co-stars Essence Atkins and Bresha Webb featured in the current issue.

The new family comedy “Marlon” (premiering tonight on NBC 9/8c) is just as fun as its namesake star. Actor/comedian Marlon Wayans’ return to television gives fans not only laughs but also a glimpse into his life. “I play me—except instead of a comedian—I’m a social media influencer/YouTube sensation,” Marlon shared with SBH Editor-in-Chief Jocelyn Amador during a recent visit to Chicago. “I wanted to bring the cell phone to the TV because right now everybody does everything and watches everything on their cell phones. I wanted to make it an experience that was user friendly for both.” Here, the Fifty Shades of Black and Naked star gets social with us…

Sophisticate’s Black Hair: Did you do any research for your role as a social media star on “Marlon”?
Marlon Wayans: I live on my social media—@marlonwayans on Instagram, @MarlonWayans Twitter, @MarlonWayans Facebook fan page and lastly marlonlwayans on Snapchat. The only thing I really hadn’t been doing was YouTube. But, I actually started doing YouTube videos for this show. I started The Marlon Way on YouTube so with every episode, we drop a new YouTube video. And, we start every episode with me talking about my YouTube site [on the show]. So its pretty cool.

SBH: So in a way you’re breaking that line between the show and your character…
MW: Yeah. The closer I can be to me, the better I think for the show. The show’s name is, Marlon so I wanted to do something that was my voice, my spirit, my personality and that represented who I am.

SBH: Were you nervous about returning to TV again?
MW: No. I’m never nervous, I’m more excited. I think you’re nervous when you don’t know what you’re doing. You’re excited when you are ready to conquer something in a whole other capacity than you did the first time. I’m very familiar with sitcom, I’m very familiar with network…I’ve been in this [industry] 25 years and it’s funny because I still feel and look young but the reality of it is I’m seasoned; so, I was looking forward to going back to television so I can showcase where I am in life. I think the story is really strong, everything to me is the story and character and the jokes come last. But it’s a really funny show.

SBH: Do you like to surround yourself with people you’ve worked with before?
MW: Absolutely. I go to work with people I love so it always feels like family to me. I love Bresha Webb; I’ve been a fan of hers for a while—her and Essence Atkins are like my pretty sisters. It’s great to work with people that you love and they’re all on a mission to make people laugh. We’re all like-minded and like-spirited and just go hang out and read lines and create; it’s a beautiful thing.

SBH: Your look for the show, did you have to change your personal style much?
MW: I don’t just wash and go. I’m not privileged in that way. I have to wash, grease and go. I use pomade. I make sure I condition and wash it a couple times a week, if not once a day. To me, your hair and everything else is about what you eat, what kind of vitamins and supplements you have. Wayons [men], we could lose our hair early. [My brother] Shawn and I have been able to keep ours for a long time because I stock up on vitamins…I work out once a day for an hour a day and make sure my blood is flowing and getting to my hair.

SBH: How would you describe the style you’re wearing right now?
MW: It’s high and tight on the Fade with curls on the top. Sometimes I want to cut it down but I think it’s a good look for the character, a little signature [look]…I use Moroccan Oil products for the hair. Aveda is what I use on my skin, Dermalogica is what I use on my face. My mom says, “You smell so good! I wish you could teach your father to smell like that.” I guess my mom always said a woman likes it when a man smells good, not overly groomed, but I smell clean and I take care of myself.

SBH: Do you have a favorite barber?
MW: I have a few because I’m always traveling. I go to KG in Los Angeles, sometimes when he’s not available I go to one of my good friends, his name is Esau McGraw. He’s a really funny comedian who also happens to cut hair. I go to Steve The Barber when I’m in New York. And in North Carolina there’s a guy, Tone McGill, he does a really good Fade.

“Marlon” premieres tonight on NBC (9/8c)

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August 15, 2017

…Hey Atlanta SBH Readers

We’re looking forward to a weekend filled with style fun…and we want you to join in! Sophisticate’s Black Hair will be in Atlanta this weekend at the Bronner Bros. International Beauty Show at the Georgia World Congress Center with our model crew and lots of free magazines (our newest issue!) and product-filled SBH fashion tote bags to give away. We’ve also got some awesome raffles you’ll want to join in…plus some surprise celebrity guests. So make plans to see the show and say “hi” to us on the show floor. We can’t wait to meet you!

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August 14, 2017

…Glimpsed At The 2017 Teen Choice Awards

These young beauties were killin’ it on the Teen Choice Awards blue carpet. Check out 5 of the prettiest looks seen on the scene…

1 Ryan Destiny’s STAR-worthy ponytail

2 Zendaya’s “Disco Curls”

3 Chandler Kinney’s partial-upsweep waves

4 Yara Shahidi’s Afro Puff

5 Kormani Kordei shapely lob (long bob)

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August 13, 2017

Curly Cues From “Empire’s” Ta’Rhonda Jones

She may play the part of “Cookie’s assistant” on the hit TV show Empire, but actress and rap artist Ta’Rhonda Jones looks every inch the style boss here! Gorgeous curls, worn lush and frothy, are kissed with radiant color through the crown…sort of like her own personal spotlight don’t you think? Beautiful.

Photo: Instagram. com/@tarhondajay

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August 12, 2017


Rebel against conformity! That’s just what hair artist Michelle Thompson, Creative Director at The Francesco Group, did when she took modern-day coif classics and re-imagined them with pops of color and epic styling—like this version of the lob (long) swiped with unexpected color! For more from this stunning style collection, check out our “The New Rebels” story in in the September ’17 issue of Sophisticate’s Black Hair…on sale now!

Hair: Michelle Thompson/Francesco Group; Makeup: Becky Hunting; Photography: Richard Miles.

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